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Printable Check Lists

Many people live by their "To Do" Lists, using them as a way to track upcoming events, expectations and goals. Writing down something that you need to remember is also a stress-reliever; you can stop worrying about forgetting, and get on with the business of doing.

Suggestion: Make a booklet of a dozen printable "To Do" lists by printing 6 pages, cutting out the lists and stapling together at the top.

Things to Do Today!

Click on the "To Do List" design you would like to print; two lists of the same design will print on each page.

Each "To Do Today" list is subdivided to provide a place to record the time, or check off items as you complete them.

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Matching Shopping Lists and Recipe Cards

Some of our "To Do" list designs match our shopping lists and free printable recipe cards, which also come with matching gift tags, so you can coordinate a nice set for homemade gift giving.

You'll find these in our Kitchen Prints section.

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