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easter card

Free Easter Printables

Print out some Easter egg stands to hold your breakfast eggs on Easter morning, or use them to hide chocolate eggs for an Easter egg hunt.

Print some fine art Easter cards, with matching envelopes, and then decide on one of several individual presentations.

Or why not print and cut out some wee Easter baskets (or paper rabbits) to hold those little Easter treats?
printable easter cardFree Printable Easter Cards
Fine art greeting cards for Easter, with printable envelopes.

Two cards print on each card sheet, with directions for tri-fold or two-fold variations.
bunnytrio (13K)Printable Easter Bunnies
Printable paper bunnies in pastel colors stand alone or help disguise Easter eggs.

Ready-to-color, or pastel printable templates to cut out and assemble.
eggstandtrio (15K)Printable Egg Stands
Six floral paper Easter egg stand designs to print alone, or all together on a single page.
eggbaskets (3K)Paper Egg Baskets
Printable egg baskets from our sister site, in eight different designs, each of which fits a single egg.