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Clown Coloring Page or Mask

Print out this Clown Coloring Page on ordinary paper, if you just want to color it. But print it on heavier paper or card stock, and cut it out, and you can wear it as a face mask. This might be fun for a birthday party or for Halloween.

To make a mask, print the page, color it, then cut out the clown face.

With small scissors, cut out the two eyes. Make two small slits on either side of the face, in the places shown by the " | " marks. Thread about 1-1/2" of elastic cord through the front of one of the slits. Double the elastic over on itself at the back and staple together. Leave enough elastic to go around your head, then thread the other end into the slit on the other side, double over and staple together as before to finish.

clown mask

Print this Clown Mask

Print the Full-Color Clown Mask

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