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Printable Paper Choir Singers

by Jane Lake

Both the paper choir singers and the paper Santa ornaments stand about two inches high - a nice size for tree trims, or to stand alone as a Christmas decoration.

The full-size choir singers image provides three ready-to-color versions, and three ready to cut and assemble paper choir singers. We hope you enjoy them all!

On the Paper Santa Page, you'll find paper Santas to coordinate with the choir singers. Mix and match, or use either paper model on its own.choir-angelspair (14K)

Paper Choir Singers - Printing and Assembly:

1) Print out the full-sized paper choir singers image which includes three full-color and three plain versions of the choir singer ornaments.

2) Carefully cut out all the paper choir singers.

3) To assemble, fold the pointed side tabs back along the edge of the paper singer model. Dab a small amount of white glue or a glue stick on one of the points and overlap it with the other point, so the tabs form a semi-circle around the back. Press together until the glue holds firmly.

4. Add a length of invisible thread, cord or ribbon to hang from the Christmas tree. Or skip this step if your want your paper choir singers to stand alone.

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Merry Christmas!